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Relationship marketing simply put is forming a strong bond with your prospects and customers to ensure customer satisfaction while boosting customer retention through brand loyalty.

Wondering how to best achieve this?

Be accessible. Stay easily reachable on your website, have a social media with clear contact instructions and respond immediately to customer’s comments.

You can also make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to have a broad understanding of the customer needs which aids a positive customer experience.

Above all, a productive relationship marketing is a strategy that revolves around satisfying customer needs with a touch of exceptionality.

Now that you know this, go get your customers!



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Judy Blume, a world-class writer said, “rejection is a fact of life if you want to be a writer”. We all (including editors and designers) go through the phase at some point but if you ever feel hung up by it, remember why you started and trust the process.

Judy Garland admonished us to “always be a first-rate version of ourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else”. So, to keep growing, be original but openminded; try out new ideas and perspectives.

As creatives, every word matters but not any more than you do.

Keep going!