Writing a Competitive Resume That Converts

The sole aim of writing a resume is to catch the attention of the hiring manager. If your resume does not attract the hiring manager, then the purpose has been defeated.

Writng a resume that attracts hiring managers
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When writing a resume in this era, you need to be strategic. Show how you made effective changes in your previous positions and the result of these changes. If you do this, you are saying to them ‘I am strategic enough to bring positive changes to your organisation if you let me’.

Many of you may get scared hearing this. But one of the secrets of writing your resume this is way is to understand the job description then craft it into your accomplishments. Don’t stop there, add figures to make it captivating and specific.

Crafting the job description to sync with your accomplishments demonstrates that your competencies and experiences align with the needs of the hiring manager.

Presenting yourself this way doesn’t just tell the hiring managers the things you can do. It shows them how effectively you can wield the skills you possess.

While crafting your resume, ensure it isn’t bland. Use strong action words because of the energy it commands. Also, make use of specific examples to make it engaging enough.

Here is an article I found really helpful. It talks about the designs, structures and formats your resume can take. Since I didn’t discuss resume designs, you should check them out. Tell me what you think and the resume styles you’ve been using or would like to use.

Finally, make every word count. Remove pronouns and make use of percentages instead of approximates and unspecific values.

However, if you hit a brick wall doing this, you can always reach out to me or leave a comment for assistance.

What other strategy would you recommend when writing a resume?



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